Orchestrate people, processes & machines

TilliT DO is a software solution developed specifically to manage production lines and people as an integrated system. The app ensures operations are running to target, giving you real-time insights on plant and operator task performance, delivered to any device, anywhere.


Made for the plant floor, TilliT Digital Operations is a a digital platform providing Operations Managers with real-time visibility of what’s happening on the floor.
This includes visibility of asset performance and availability.

Tasks Management

TilliT DO communicates activities with the workforce at exactly the right time, capturing completed tasks as they happen, alerting you to issues and removing your reliance on paper trails. Safeguard operations with digital quality records and full audit history captured as they happen.


Designed for industry, TilliT DO can be integrated into your plant as quickly as one week from initial consult using our TilliT Edge device to securely connect equipment and devices to TilliT.

TilliT for the Operator

Eliminating human error, providing a digital platform for process and quality adherence. TilliT DO is designed for the market, with an intuitive interface that both inexperienced and experienced operators can use to progress the workflow tasks. Delivering the information operators need, right at their fingertips.

DO guides operators through the tasks and checks via digitised workflows.

Set tasks for operators and equipment that follow your production order processes – taking a picture of raw materials, to preheating an oven.

Specific tasks are triggered and claimed by operators, so they know what needs to be completed in the priority specified.

Real-time visibility of asset availability and performance

TilliT for the Ops Manager

Providing a digital platform for the visibility and optimisation into your supply chain. information around tasks and events are recorded to provide an at-a-glance overview of each production line and key performance data for your team. Ensure you’re hitting daily goals every time, with each process recorded.

At-a-glance overview of each production line, showing the status against each goal.

Order overview for specific lines provides insight such as, ‘what am I running’, ‘what is next?’

TilliT DO communicates tasks with the workforce at exactly the right time, capturing completed tasks as they happen, alerting you to issues in real time.

Real-time visibility of asset availability and performance to drive improvement.

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TilliT delivers the information operators need, putting it right at your fingertips

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